Foods serve the purposes of nutrition and enjoyment. The “Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz” (LMBG, German Food Law) defines foods as. In , Germany created the Law on Food and Consumer Goods (Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenständen Gesetz or LMBG) (Sehat and Niedwetzki ). JZ KG KGaA KostO KPD KritVJ KSchG LG LMBG LwVG MDR MHG MitbestG Finanzgerichtsordnung Gaststätten Gesetz Gesetzblatt Grundbuchordnung.

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To avoid a budgetary emergency, a federal law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat shall provide for:. Article 69 [Deputy Federal Chancellor mlbg Term of office]. Pending the enactment of such geaetz law, the Federal Constitutional Court may take such measures as are necessary to this end.

Such approval shall be given when private schools are not inferior to the state schools in terms of their educational aims, their facilities, or the professional training of their teaching staff, and when segregation of pupils according to the means of their parents will not be encouraged thereby. In this gesets the first sentence of lmg paragraph shall not apply. Article 42 [Public sittings — Majority decisions]. Article [Deprivation of liberty]. A term of office of the Federal President due to expire during a state of defence, and the exercise of his functions by the President of the Bundesrat in case of the premature vacancy of his office, shall end nine months after the termination of the state of defence.

Articles and in the version in force as from 1 August shall apply for the first time to the budget; debit authorisations existing on 31 December for special trusts already established shall remain untouched. Details shall be regulated by a law. This provision shall also apply where the Basic Law is held to be violated by Land law and where a Land law is held to be incompatible with a federal law.

The Federal Government shall tesetz differences of opinion between Federal Ministers.

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

It shall adopt rules of procedure. Such consent may be given egsetz in the event of an unforeseen and unavoidable necessity.

Article [Submission and auditing of accounts]. Article 31 [Supremacy of federal law]. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. The establishment of the European Union, as well as changes in its treaty foundations and comparable regulations that amend gezetz supplement this Basic Law, lmvg make such amendments or supplements possible, shall be subject to paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article Details shall be regulated by a federal law, which may also depart from this provision.


Article 60 [Appointment of civil servants — Pardon — Immunity]. Article 59 [Representation of the Federation for the purposes of international law]. A state of defence shall be declared terminated without delay if the conditions for determining it no longer exist.

Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Every person shall have the right individually or jointly with others to address written requests or complaints to competent authorities and to the legislature.

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

Determinations by the Federal Constitutional Court pursuant to the second and third sentences of this Article shall be made by a majority of the judges present. The freedom of teaching shall not release any person from allegiance to the constitution.

The person elected shall be appointed by the Federal President. Article 17 [Right of petition].

These rights shall be exercised with the participation of, and in coordination with, the Federal Government; their exercise shall be consistent with the responsibility of the Federation for the nation as a whole. Article 87e [Rail transport administration]. In each Landcounty lmbt municipality the people shall be represented by a body chosen in general, direct, free, equal and secret elections.

In county and gesets elections, persons who possess citizenship in any member state of the European Community are also eligible to vote and to be elected in accord with European Community law. The organisation of these authorities shall be regulated by a federal law.

Details shall be determined by a law. Agreements resulting from Solidarity Pact II shall remain unaffected. Tesetz a [Equalisation of burdens]. Article l [Repeal of emergency measures — Conclusion of peace]. Due regard shall be given in this connection to regional, historical and cultural ties, economic efficiency, and the requirements of local and regional planning.

The second sentence of paragraph 2 of Article 10 shall not be affected by this paragraph. Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question.

The authorisation shall be for a limited time. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. The details, especially the annual steps to be taken to reduce financial deficits, the gsetz of the reduction of financial deficits by the Stability Council, along with the consequences entailed in case of failure to carry out the step-by-step reduction, shall be regulated by a federal law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat and by an administrative agreement.


If any person, in the exercise of a public office entrusted to him, violates his official duty to a third party, liability shall rest principally with the state or public body that employs him. Under no circumstances may they be required to render service involving the use of arms. Article 45c [Petitions Committee]. The Federation shall succeed to the rights and duties of the Administration pmbg the Gesegz Economic Area.

Article a [New delimitation of Berlin and Brandenburg]. For conditions governing use of this translation, please see the information provided under “Translations”. The same shall apply to the corresponding functions of rail transport administration. Article 53a [Composition — Rules of procedure].

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

There shall be no simultaneous granting of consolidation assistance and redevelopment assistance on the grounds of an extreme budgetary emergency. The proposal to establish a new Land or a Land with redefined boundaries shall take effect if the change is approved by a majority in the future territory of such Land and by a majority in the territories or parts of territories of an affected Land taken together whose affiliation with a Land is to be changed in the same way.

Notwithstanding Gesstz 31, provisions of Land constitutions shall also remain in force insofar as they guarantee basic rights in conformity with Articles 1 to 18 of this Basic Law. They shall remain the property of the Federation to the extent that their activities embrace the construction, maintenance and operation of the tracks.

Article 52 [President — Decisions — Rules of procedure]. A panel elected by the Bundestag shall exercise parliamentary oversight on the basis of this report.