This issue is primarily a bug-fix issue. The format of the document has been changed to docbook in order to sim- plify maintainance by several authors, as well. OpenSER includes from v Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are: make modules-readme. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and.

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The value can be composed by following flags:. Invocation is done with ‘route’ followed by the name of sub-route to execute, enclosed in between documentatino.

It has impact on the size of destination set created in core e. Please report such cases as soon kamwilio you see them at sr-dev lists. New Features in Release 5. In the config, one can set many times the value for a parameter. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and their role in routing SIP traffic and Kamailio behaviour.

To store static values in private memory and have it in all processes without the need to synchronize for accessing it, you must create it before Kamailio forks. Overview of Security issues for SIP routers. A typical case is when returning due to an error and forgetting to release a previously lock set.


The value can be composed by following flags: This parameter specifies on which log level the memory statistics will be logged.

For more see http: Once memory leak errors are printed you can either send a RPC command to the process that printed the messages or stop Kamailio.

Kamailio SIP Server v4.4.x (stable): Core Cookbook

It can have integer and string value, in most of the case, the string value is all the time set as PV used to be involved in string operations. Documentaion specified size: Set specific data required by the log engine. The default value for it is Time in seconds before retrying a dns request.

First module found is used. Some of the core components in v1. If it is set to 1, any local reply is sent to the IP address advertised in top most Via of the request instead of the IP address from which the request was received. Thus, if the proxy should forward requests to IPv6 targets, this option must be turned on!

SIP is a text-based protocol, therefore lot of operations resume to text manipulation. The integration concluded with release dovumentation v3.

This routing block is optional, if missing, the SIP reply is sent to the address in 2nd Via header. All MI commands are available for all available transports.

Kamailio Documentation

Dcoumentation improve the speed, behind the locks is, by default, machine-specific code. We will show such case further in the document. If you specify IPv6 addresses, you should put them into square brackets, e.


The Management Interface is an abstract layer introduced to allow interaction between Kamailio and external applications like shell terminal or web applications. By default the ipv4 addresses are preferred.

Kamailio v Developer Guide – The Kamailio SIP Server Project

You can see in the next example how to access the body of header Call-ID. Specify what logging engine to be used and its initialization data. If not, an reply containing error message is sent back. First parameter is the lock set.

Including file operation is done at startup.

It is known as lazy or incremental parser. As Kamailio is a multi-process application, the usage of shared memory is required in many scenarios. Lock allocation can be skipped if the lock is already in shared memory — BUT be sure the lock content IS in shared memory.

First parameter is the pointer to structure with the current processed SIP message. The advertise address must be the kamaolio ‘address: When deactivated, the incoming socket will be used or the first one ,amailio a different protocol, disregarding the destination location.

In this case it is a dependency on library kmi, located at.