A balanced and very readable account of China’s metamorphosis from Maoism into the workshop of the world. China Shakes the World is an excellent book. Buy China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation: The Rise of the Hungry Nation by James Kynge (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: : Kindle Store.

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China is a typical industrial country which became a noticeable global player by becoming a factory for the rest of the world. Hoe speelt het land het klaar om – qorld afscheid genomen van het communistisch stelse – toch centraal geleid te worden?

Ask the expert: China Shakes the World | Financial Times

I expect China will both accept and pursue a stakeholder status in order to forestall opposition from the west. Sep 04, Laurent De Serres Berard rated it it was ok. China’s thirst for raw materials was about to affect all of the world’s markets. Kynge’s style is very fluid and easy to read and after only a few pages you are unable to stop reading. World Show more World links. The good news is that the shift of manufacturing to China, with its extremely and artificially, Kynge points out low production costs, has resulted in a flood of cheaper goods in the US and Europe, and that China has been buying billions of US treasury notes which of kept mortgage rates low.

But for all of China’s ruthlessness and seemingly unstoppable growth, crushing anything that gets in its path, Kynge leaves us more with a sense of doubt than of fear though there’s plenty of fear, too.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Or maybe it is an extension of the above — every race has its master criminals, it’s not as if the Chinese are uniquely heartless here sure, poisoning babies sounds bad, but how about financing wars? James Kynge shows not only the extraordinary rise of the Chinese economy, but what the future holds as China begins to influence the world.


China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America

Hoe kunnen Chinese producten zo goedkoop geproduceerd worden. Here I think Kynge hesitates to pass judgment. He describes the symptoms but as a journalist, prefers to allow readers to draw their own conclusions. Set up a giveaway.

The upside of this is as Kynge writes the removal of four- hundred million people from poverty, the rise of a more urban China in which there is greater opportunity for work and education for great masses of people. Visit jmaes Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

In other words, coastal cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Dalian and Xiamen may in the future exhibit many post-industrial characteristics. Although China is already a palpable force in the world, its re-emergence is only just starting to be felt.

This book offers an excellent introduction to present-day China. The prices of products manufactured in inland areas, it should be noted, have remained flat or falling.

Like Americans they haven’t suffered much for the sins of their rulers, or at least not in ways as obvious, universally known, acknowledged, and openly discussed as the devastation of Europe in World Wars I and II. No trivia or quizzes yet.

China Shakes the World : A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future–And the Challenge for America

It showed how the economic imperatives that confront China drive their rising military expenditures, their flagrant theft of intellectual property, and their enormous annual need for growth and jobs drives China’s agenda. I loved the whole book, but a part at the end reminded me of living in Russia where I usually told people that I was from a neutral country like Canada because people had too strong a sentiment towards Americans usually it was a weird wlrld of love and hate.


The seven- hundred billion dollars the Chinese hold in Treasury BondsKynge claims, sustain the American economy. Thhe, it is a question that I often ponder these days. The Best Books of Secondly, China is eager to learn from the west the skills that it is short of. After I read this passage it all seemed really obvious, but having it spelled out for me like this was totally essential: Beijing is starting to take action in certain areas, but in my judgement it could be doing a lot more to stamp out abuses.

Kynge studied in china, speaks fluent mandarin and has been a journalist there for thirty years.

: China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: Kindle Store

It was a dream of personal freedom and opportunity. I’m a fiction reader, and I did fid this a bit dry at times.

Kynge also argues in the book that Chinese trading, the growth of its economy has been good for the world- economy in certain ways. I guess I find it hard to sympathise with a corporation that has ways and means to protect itself and anyhow can benefit from China’s human resource base and market. Many of the issues raised in the last chapter, including Taiwan and Darfur, could have received even more coverage–but don’t let that stop you from reading the book. Not Enabled Screen Reader: To write about China is to understand an incredibly complex country and kunge people.