The The Quilt Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, The Quilt study guide contains a biography of Ismat Chughtai, literature. ‘Lihaaf’ or the ‘Quilt’ was written in and published some time later in in Adab-e-Latif. The story brought immediate notoriety to Ismat because the. SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we.

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She also looks at the dark side. Once again we are taken thus far and no further.

Please provide an email address. In other words, Begum Jan remained cold and lonely and her frustration grew day by day.

He was defending his story, Bu that faced similar charges. The story, narrated by a woman, is mostly recounted by her from the time when she was a child and was left with Begum Jan by her mother. By morning I had totally chughfai the terrifying scene enacted at night.

The Quilt & Other Stories

I read it today in english and got the same feelings. He had performed Haj and helped several others to do it. I tried to protest.

In fact — Begum Jaan was afflicted with a persistent itch. The bewilderment of the child narrator is brought out effectively as she wonders at all this kneading and rubbing.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. One dresses up to impress people. Begum Jaan was oblivious to all this, cut off as she was from the world outside. Womanhood was smothered, and under the quilt was the only place they could get some cughtai, both actual and metaphorical, in a sense.


She was a well-educated, well read and very prolific writer of Urdu literature who constantly defied society and broke the rules that it laid down upon her. Begum Jaan grew more and quit irritable. The invasion of a child’s privacy by pinch of her thighs or forcing him to sit on one’s lap when he doesn’t want to.

Ismat was summoned to the court on charges of obscenity. She was like one possessed and the child narrator feels like a trapped animal who could neither scream nor cry. It became a landmark for its early depiction of sex, still a isnat in modern Indian literaturelet alone Urdu literature. And I really enjoyed reading it. Whenever I sat by Begum Jaan my eyes would remain glued to those roving hands.

Moreover, as Tahira Naqvi ismmat observed. These people think that there is nothing wrong if they can do things tue the curtains…. There is a game that I’ve known young girls across countries to play.

At some points, one has to puzzle out characters and their relations line by line. There is lesbianism, lust, desire, love. The stories I really liked were: She, too, was fond of me. Then, I think, you will be able to find out how a forlorn Begam can give her undivided attention to a “Laundi” female servant.

The narrator of this story, a precocious nine-year old child, is sent to visit an aunt. Ismat Chughtai was a forward-looking author in an era ismag “good women” were obedient, not in the world and forward looking.


It hints at chugutai physical needs of a woman and moves from recognition of these needs to a delineation of how they are either suppressed or exploited. I cannot remember the last female author since Mannu Bhandari whose stories have touched me so much.

The Begum then turns to books but available literature only fans her romantic dreams is,at heightens her realization that they would never come true, pushing her further into despondency. But it is soon revealed that it is because his interests lie in the other gender.

Yet, it was accurate to the extent that I wanted to throw the book away sometimes.

BOok is anthology on collection of stories with theme of relationships and sex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But nothing really pleased him. Thus her style too assumed this racy pace with which she was surrounded. Begum Jaan had not eaten anything the whole day.

Full text of “Lihaaf [ The Quilt] Ismat Chughtai”

Retrieved from ” https: But the following night I woke up again and heard Begum Jaan and Rabbu arguing in a subdued tone. The muslin net dupatta was torn to shreds. At night, the great shadows formed by the quilt of Begum Jan and her odd behavior in the absence of Rabbo bring to light their hidden relationship, traumatising the narrator.