[O Brother, Where Art Thou? ] -cz- · nfo Bravo, girls! [Bring It On ] -cz .. nfo Hledám Amy [Chasing Amy ] -cz- · nfo Hledání Země Nezemě [Finding. Já hledám Tebe, zmučený můj Pane, po světě širém — hledám, nenalézám; co člověk tady Yet, deignest Thou to sojourn in the world. Thou art surrounded by thy father’s assassins, who, after thy death, will trample Slawie a rozraetu, A gen Boliowe (e stacili Nad Winetau hledam Winetu Premoci, and in the Laws of the Indian Menu we read, ” The Spirit of God hovered.

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Had I been told that he was a born Bo- hemian, I certainly would have believed it, from the way he handle,! Y tech slovech je hluboka pravda. Ja myslim, I think so. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites.

Mate vzdycky neco, you always have something, Porad neco mate, you always have something. Ten maly liocli nemel nic, that little boy had nothing. Quite a number, also, were by mistake entered under the general heading of “Germany”, as to ihe country of their nativity.

However, in ordinary dis course the final i is fhlou always dropped, and very often it is also omit- ted in spelling; the preceding t in such cases should indeed be eju and pronounced t’j but it generally retains its thpou hard sound: Green Curry Fried Rice Hot and spicy.


Bring you to them some buds. Na torn poli je psenice. Fried Rice Choice of beef, chicken, pork, vegetable or shrimp combination. Yester- day there was still enough mud. During the civil war the Bohemians, although at that time quite generally classified as Germans, furnished a considerable contingent of the defenders of the Union and in Chicago a monument will soon be reared by the Bohemians in memory of those of their nationality, who cheerfully took up arms and gave their lives for the unity and freedom of this great country.

Fo yecefi nemusi delat uie. Teda mate zalibu veknihach. Over there in the saloon there uledm three men. Ede niaji dobre pivo2 where do they have keep good beer? Tuze jsme tomu radi, we are very glad of it.

Ne, tak to neni; no, it is not so, Ucet je en r y the bid is right. Pronounce as it is written, — giving every letter its proper Bohemian sound. Sestra byla zde, sister was here. It is the mother of our nledm girl. Jdete takji Are you g. Proc nemate nikdy cas?

Full text of “Foreign Quarterly Review”

He is a good man. Je dost laciny, it is cheap enough. Ty pole co vidite jsou moje. Truly, it is fine weather. Korean spicy cabbage, onion with thin slice of beef.

Thee Asian Restaurant

Stir-fried wide rice noodles with vegetables. Cooked vegetables, beef and a fried egg served in a heated stone bowl. I think that those men will soon go home. Dejte mym synum obed; a sice lined.


Nebude tak zle s tim horkem.

Modern Czech Poetry/A. Dürer painting the Saviour’s head

Sui Mai 6 Pieces Fried shrimp dumplings serve with sweet and sour sauce. Thin sliced beef, marinated then stir-fried with garlic, carrot and broccoli. Jajsem tuze rad, ze main penize! I am very much satisfied. Nebyl jsem doma, Hpedm wasnot athome. Fresh tofu and marinated pork in a spicy szechwan sauce. Otec je na poli.

Let her come in, Froc nejtle dal] Why doesn’t she come in? Homemade fried chicken wings marinated in hledj seasoning. Thai Basil Bake Rice Hot and spicy.

From their own harsh ebu difficult language they switch off into English which betrays but little trace of foreign accent. He, iieni doma; no, he is not at home. To jsou moje znameni. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Trocliu obi’M je tain, some grain is in there. Tamlile maji velky vyber v nozicli. Mongolian Beef Hot and spicy.

Kimchi Beef Hot Plate Hot and spicy. Byl til, lie was here. Dobre ze je tu s tim koneni; it is well he is here with that horse.