Sie sind neu bzw. möchten das erste Mal über das Online-Portal einen Antrag stellen oder eine Erlaubnis beantragen – und hatten bisher kein Login beim. Form: Gewerbe-Anmeldung (GewA 1) (Registration of a business in. Germany) (GewA 1)“ form used by the district of Neuenhagen bei Berlin. See Freiberufler or Gewerbe: what’s the difference? .. Check “Antrag beim Handelsregister gestellt” if you are not yet registered in the.

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If your company does not have a post office box, leave this line blank. Do not confuse it with the Steuernummer. And how itt works in gewerbwanmeldung case? If you checked “Nein” on lineleave this line blank.

To apply to not apply for a Gewerbeschein?

T you added to your own bills. Your second telephone number, if applicable. The street name of the address where you live. Since you will be producing books, it does not qualify as a teaching activity, even though you produce teaching material. If you need help on how to open a bank account in Germanyi have already made a dedicated guide this way.

If you moved to Berlin or the city you are declaring filling this form in in the last 12 months, write the move-in date. Sign up for a new account in our community. Hello, thanks for the post. Much worse, claiming the profits to avoid health insurance costs for the partner would be a criminal offense, social security fraud.


Login-Bereich Service-Konto Berlin –

This allows you to be a freelancer or business owner in Germany 123. If you only sell to other businesses B2Bthis does not apply to you, and you should not check this box.

Sign In Sign Up. This is a lifesaver. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much! Freelancers and small businesses beflin normally check “Nein”. The bank name and branch location of your business bank account. You can get that document from your tax advisor. We may be belongs to the second category. Does it mean denial?

The revenue and the profit should be almost the same. That alone may take a while. Es folgen die Inhalte der rechten Seitenspalte Sprachauswahl. In turn, this defines what rules you must follow when making business abroad. Is there a minimum salary per month that I should fulfil?

If no, what ways can I try to beriln in Germany to look for a job? Sorry if I didn’t put it clearly.

Remember if you pick one of the paid options: You can see our privacy policy for more details, or directly opt out. Tax type Who pays it?


I am not a tax advisor, but: Thank you very much for the post! The last name and first name of your tax advisor. Be sure to differentiate the different types of taxes and their installments. Your current profession and your birth date. Posted 3 Jul These material is really helpful. I have a possibility to do some freelance as an artist for 2months. I am Indian and here with my husband who is on work permit in Germany. The only theoretical limit is the maximum working hours per week, job and freelancing combined, of 48 hours.

You can of course decide to open a second bank account dedicated to your professional life. Jan Engel – Fotolia.

Cani claim back living expenses? Started by berlingoodman23 May gewerbeschein. How to get started and become a freelancer in Germany. Started by berlingoodman23 May The street name for the address of your company’s headquarters.

I still have a couple of doubts though: IF yes then will a mini gmbh suffice?