A Gastrostomia de Incisão Única descrita neste trabalho é um novo método . Neste paciente, uma gastrostomia tradicional a Stamm foi realizada pela incisão. Gastrostomia cirúrgica: indicações atuais e complicações em pacientes de um The Stamm technique, despite the complications reported, is easy to perform. The Stamm technique, despite the complications reported, is easy to perform Gastrostomia cirúrgica: indicações atuais e complicações em.

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The mucous membrane is closed with a continuous suture or interrupted silk sutures.


Anal sphincterotomy Anorectal manometry Lateral internal sphincterotomy Rubber band ligation Hastrostomia hemorrhoidal dearterialization. Facing many complications related to the traditional surgical procedures, higher cost on diagnosis and in treatment complications, increased hospital stay and negative impact on patients outcome, the hospital administration permitted the use of the endoscopic material in this specific group of patients, to enable the method described herein.

With confirmation of gastric content, two layers of concentric purse string unabsorbable sutures are placed to work as a valve, and the stomach is fixed to the rectus sheath, resulting stammm a safe single wound gastrostomy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Between and57 surgical gastrostomies were performed: Endocrinol Nutr ; A point is then selected some distance from the margins of the incision for the placement of the stab wound and subsequent passage of the tube through the anterior abdominal wall Figure 4.


Single-wound gastrostomy: a simple method as an option for endoscopy

When a permanent gastrostomy is done because of esophageal obstruction, liquids such as water and milk may be injected safely into the catheter within 24 hours, while intravenous hyperalimentation continues. Because the flap, when cut, contracts, it is made somewhat larger than would appear to be necessary to avoid subsequent interference with its blood supply when the flap is approximated about the catheter. The surgical gastrostomy with minimal incision in the stomach to pull off the catheter using endoscopic gastrostomy devices, proved to be safe, easy to perform, less traumatic, quick, simple and elegant.

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Gastrostomy is commonly utilized as a temporary procedure to avoid the discomfort of prolonged nasogastric suction following such major abdominal procedures as vagotomy and subtotal gastrectomy, colectomy, and so forth. The stomach is drilled, guidewire is seizured, connection to catheter and percutaneous approach is made with traction of the stomach to the abdominal wall.

The gastric wall is divided between Allis clamps near the lesser curvature, and a rectangular flap is developed by extending the incision on either side toward the Allis clamps on the greater curvature. After the pouch of gastric wall is lifted to the skin surface, the peritoneum is closed about the catheter. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. It was first devised in by the American Gastric Surgeon, Martin Stamm —who was educated greatly in surgery when he visited Germany.

An incision at right angles to the long axis of the stomach is made in an effort to minimize the number of arterial bleeders. Most patients with gastrostomy indication are SUS users, whose payment rules does not include the device for endoscopic gastrostomy. Our results suggest that this new approach is effective and safe, providing a single wound access, avoiding the need for endoscopic guidance and general anesthesia.

Zollinger Atlas of Surgery: GASTROSTOMY

Catheters are anchored to the skin with strips of adhesive tape in addition to a suture that has included a bite in the catheter.

Abdominal wall necrotizing fasciitis from dislodged percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes: Whole blood transfusion should be given if there is evidence of secondary anemia or a substantial loss of weight. Patients started diet with reduced volume on the first day after surgery, passing to the standard diet from the second.


A simple technique for permanent gastrostomy. Please review our privacy policy. Retrospective descriptive observational study of the surgical gastrostomies performed between and followed up by our unit.


Laparoscopic Stamm gastrostomy with gastropexy. Suturas com fio 2. The diagram in Figure 6 shows the inversion of the gastric wall about the tube and the dtamm of the gastric wall to the overlying peritoneum. However, some clinical situations do not allow endoscopic access, either oropharyngeal and esophageal obstruction or anatomical abnormalities of abdominal cavity and stomach.

Twenty-eight patients underwent gastrostomy using endoscopy devices; six had local minor complications without the need for re-intervention; there was no death. Laparoscopic view nicely illustrates the gastric pull-up to the abdominal wall Figure 1D and gastric suturing to insert the probe in distant location for gastrostomy tube externalization Figure 1E.

There is no special indication in anesthesia for a temporary gastrostomy, since gastroetomia is usually a minor technical procedure that precedes the closure of the wound of a major operation. Gastrocolic fistula with migration of feeding tube into transverse colon as a complication of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy.

As a temporary gastrostomy the Witzel or the Stamm procedure is used frequently and is easily performed.