The link below brings you to the PDF for the Marine Corps Publication FMFRP 12 Kill or Get Killed, which is in its original form and entirety. English: Diagram of Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, issued to British Commando forces in WWII. Image taken from page 69 of Fleet Marine. File:Fmfrp 12 80 ppng. No higher resolution available. Fmfrp_12_80_p png ( × pixels, file size: 4 KB, MIME type: image/png).

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Turn on the back and spin, so that the feet are always toward the enemy. By placing the finger f,frp just under the ear lobe and pressing in 1-80 up, another sensitive area is located. There is probably nobody better qualified than Colonel Applegate to describe the techniques of 12-08 combat. We are either the publisher or an authorized distributor of these files. Knockout blows delivered to the chin by the fist may not only be ineffective, they also present the danger of a dislocated finger or knuckle, or a cut from the opponent’s bony facial structure.

This length blade is ideal for balance, is good for both the cut and the thrust, and is long enough to penetrate heavy clothing without losing its eflFectiveness.

In personal combat, it is often difficult to determine where defense ends and offense begins. It is an in- tensely practical and forthright description of the techniques of hand-to-hand combat and of nifjl control.

A deep wound in the abdominal area will cause death if unattended, but it is much slower in taking effect than a good thrust or slash in the throat area. If he evades a kick, jump astraddle fmfgp back, as you would that of a horse, then drive your feet backward under his body and between the legs.


Kill Or Get Killed by Col. Rex Applegate, US DOD FMFRP 12 80 + Bonus Book On CD | eBay

He may attempt to throw the defender to the ground by securing a hold on his body; or third, he fmfrrp simply rush him, trying to upset him by the momentum and impact. An athletic background develops the necessary coordination and muscular ability, and enables the student to learn combat techniques more easily. Your fingers will pass underneath the palm of his hand.

The further forward the chin is extended at the time of the blow, the more devastating the result.

File:Fmfrp 12 80 p69.png

Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. The following actions are ef- fective: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

After 2 days you run the risk of being fmfrl as a non paying bidder.

In other situations, only simple defense and restraint methods may be necessary. At times, he will have to resort to extreme of- fensive methods, because they may be his only means of de- fense. Some knife wielders, fmfpr of animal courage, past successes or reputation, are, for defense purposes, in the same category as the highly fmmfrp fighting knife wielder, even though they do not use the knife with the approved and best fighting technique.

Another satisfactory way to get your victim off balance is to thrust your foot into the back of his knee. Introduction to Unarmed Comkat i 1. If the opponent attempts to close, a short kick can be made with the ex- tended leg.


Once the criminal, or law breaker, has been apprehended or subdued, the police must “take him in,” in order to complete the arrest. If he falls free and tries to get up by scrambling forward on his hands and knees, a well-placed kick to the kidney or tail bone area will stop him. By the use of blows, and by shoving one opponent against the other, it will often be possible to create more room in which to keep moving.

File:Fmfrp 12 80 ppng – Wikimedia Commons

Follow with tlic point of the elbow to the opponent’s ciiin. Each time the defender takes a new position a few seconds are required for his antagonist to balance himself for a forceful attack. In other words, attack parts of your opponent’s body that are easily hurt, or concentrate on an area that will cause him intense pain if he does not move away.

From this crouch, drive upward so that the shoulder meets the 21-80 of his stomach. Kill or Get Killed. Restraint methods are ineffective and foolish in such a situation. The counter is simple and efTcctive.

This come-along can be maintained over a long dis- tance but has a disadvantage in that your own body must be bent forward, alongside and slightly over your opponent’s body, in order to keep him under control. Its width, at its widest part near the guard, usually is not over one tmfrp.