Ecological sanitation, commonly abbreviated as ecosan is an approach to sanitation provision For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT. However, the ecosan concept should not be limited to one. Introduction: The ECOSAN Toilet is a waterless, dehydration / evaporation system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost effective solution for areas where. The technical manual for constructing EcoSan toilet was a team effort. We want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who made.

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Compost is a healthy, stabilised product, all pathogens having been destroyedand the nutrients it contains can be directly assimilated by plants. Excreta and greywater use in agriculture.

Our 13 working groups cover a variety of different sanitation themes. The Chinese were aware of the benefits of using excreta in crop production more toilegs years ago, enabling them to sustain more people at a higher density than any other system of agriculture. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Ecosan Mine toilet EcoSan toilet adapted for underground mines. Mixtures of sweepings and excreta were used to fertilize the chinampas agricultural fields or to bolster the banks bordering the lake.

The initial excitement in the early s by the ecosan pioneers has changed into a realization that changing attitudes and toikets in sanitation takes a lot of patience.

A10 – ECOSAN ecological compost latrines with urine separation

The population placed the sweepings in special boats moored at docks around the city. There are several standalone eco-sanitation techniques. Ttoilets price varies quite significantly according to the model, the materials used and the country. It contains information about news, events, new partners, projects, discussions and publications of the SuSanA network. Ecozan considering a much larger range of options, optimal and economic solutions can be developed for each particular situation.


Known mineral phosphate rock reserves are becoming scarce and increasingly costly to extract — this is also called the ” peak phosphorus ” crisis. If you tick two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, meaning either of them eocsan be true. The World Health Organization WHO considers that the urine of healthy individuals is virtually free of pathogens, and can normally be used as fertiliser after a month, but as it can be contaminated on exiting from the body or by coming into contact with faeces, it is best to consider it ecosn free after 6 monthsa time which should be observed if it is used for crops other than family crops.

Using the EcoSan toilet – Resources • SuSanA

Retrieved 18 October In the Middle Ages, the use of excreta and greywater in agricultural production was the norm. In fact, the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance was founded in in an attempt to broaden the ecosan concept and to bring together various actors under one umbrella.

Social or solidarity pricing Price of water Innovating methods and others. Historical descriptions about these practices are sparse, but it is known that excreta reuse was practiced widely in Asia for example in China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea but also in Central and South America. The SuSanA newsletter is sent out around four times per year. For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT.

Using the EcoSan toilet

The safety of ecosan systems in terms of pathogen destruction during the various treatment processes is a continuous topic of debate between proponents and opponents of ecosan ecosaj. Places or contexts in which this means appears to be the best suited – These latrines are well suited to rural or ecoosan areasbut are now also used in towns.

Share this page on. Stay informed about the activities of SuSanA and its partners.

We ask for your understanding. The statement in the definition of ecosan to “safely recycle” includes hygienic, microbial and chemical aspects.


The German government enterprise GIZ also had a large “ecosan program” from to Sustainable sanitation in cities: Filter operations If you toiletd two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, toilfts either of them could be true. Closing the loop ecological sanitation for food security. During the s, when the term ecosan was something new, discussions were heated and confrontational. Ecological Sanitation in Chinese. Anthropocene Earth system governance Ecological modernization Environmental governance Environmentalism Global catastrophic risk Human impact on the environment Planetary boundaries Social ecoszn Stewardship Sustainable development.

Submit publication by mail close. Exemple of realizations done using this sheet’ Be the first to write a work that you were able to do using these techniques. One example of this practice has been documented for the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan which was founded in and was one of the last cities of pre-Hispanic Mexico conquered in by the Spanish: Retrieved 13 July Sanitation Sewerage Environmental engineering Urban agriculture. Content – Summary EcoSan toiletss UDDTs are the modern way to save resources and recycle waste, for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Click on the image below to visit their web site. Pit Toilets Click here for the Pit Toilet page. Over a period of a few weeks it dries out the human waste into a completely dry waste product that is safer to handle and easily disposable. Here you will find more information on the following: But if you tick two filters for two goilets parameters then this is treated as an “and” search, i.