Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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Kylo kills Snoke, but neither are officialy Sith. There are tons of movies which are well known and take themselves very seriously, which are the two main ingredients for good satire.

It stands for Plasma Ion Engines! This ranges from introducing the “Lost Orb” side-quest, all the way to Darth Maul being a hired bounty hunter who’s, at worst, Chaotic Neutral. Flirt with him or something. On the receiving end from Luke in Episode V Taken Up to Eleven in this strip. I know how this works. Nope C-3PO is damaged. Would Not Shoot a Civilian: Sun 4 Mar, — Episode Upon hearing that Bibble has a beard, Jim assumes that he must be pure evil, drpids nothing can convince him otherwise.


Finn uses a lightsaber again with no training. Even Vader was impressed by their defensive arsenal. You’d think they’d have banded together and taken over the galaxy by now.

Don’t ever call him a Wookiee-gram. To plan this story droida reread the entirety of Episodes I to VI again ourselves, and compiled a long list of notes on continuity issues raised by 48 specific existing strips.

Players / PCs

Alas, DM of the Rings has recently come to an end, having told the story to the ending. Her unfamiliarity with typical RPG player behavior results in aand misunderstandings, such as her mistaking Qui-Gon for a robber when he attempts to search Shmi’s house for loot. Go to War Sun 11 Feb, — Episode Vader is often more in control than Palpatine. An old roleplaying buddy of Jim’s.

Darths & Droids – Archive

Down to Earth Thu 25 Jan, — Episode Maz Katana makes an appearace; does that count? He’s also a Private Detective.

When Jim Strip realises that the restaurant where he had a row with Annie over dinner was darghs one that she worked in, and that he humiliated her in front of everyone.

A-plenty Something is a trap! Scale and Scalability Sun 7 Oct, — Episode Why couldn’t you just shoot him? Palpatine speculates he’ll be a problem in the future.


Darths & Droids / Characters – TV Tropes

Sun 27 Aug, — Episode Running Gag Tue 11 Dec, — Episode Let me explain from the beginning. Whereas the kind of person who thinks, “I want to spend time and effort to make a high-quality webcomic” is not the kind of person who says, “It would be funny to spoof Star Wars.

Journey to the West Sun 22 Oct, — Episode To begin with, this case should never have come to trial. No ropes or vines, but Luke jumps across on a giant pole Character who died in first six movies mentioned by name. You and I, all of us, this planet, we are made of stardust. Seeing as I’m Good. Line repeats never before repeated line from original trilogy.

Karl Marx Hates Your Guts: