The USPS commercial invoice template is only available from the USPS website and at no fee for the form and the only cost being its shipping (different. PS Form , Commercial Invoice, now has a unique barcode number. You may no longer print this form from the Internet. You must order hard copies of the . PS Form , Commercial Invoice. Use only with GXG. PS Form is used. Only for GXG letters and packages. Refer to Global Express Guaranteed.

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USPS Commercial Invoice | PS Form 6182

Once your international package is ready, it goes to the USPS. On the other hand, some online retailers have taken advantage of the international market and are very successful. The weight limit for Priority Mail International small flat rate boxes is 4 lbs. Commercial Shipments, those resulting from a profitable transaction, will generally need the Invoice information and in most cases a copy of the Invoice accompanying the freight. PS Form is only required when shipping to select destination countries.

For instance, it may be one in a multiple-stop Trade Show tour or the loading dock of a freight forwarder. The ivoice limit for Priority Mail Express International flat rate boxes is 20 lbs. Complete a Customs Form Print your international postage with Click-N-Ship and our tool creates the customs forms for you.

  ASTM D5445 PDF

There are three ways to obtain customs invoive Suggested Articles You May Like: To check your packing job, just jostle the box a little and see if things slide around. Once you have obtained this commrecial the appropriate supporting paperwork, you may proceed.

The two entities that must be identified at the onset of this form are the Shipper of this freight and the Recipient of this freight. Use item 2a to record the Legal Name of the entity shipping this freight. We will handle the Shipper information in the second item which is composed of several parts. This form will require the Invoice Date placed in item 8a, the Invoice Number entered in item 8b, and the Purchase Order Number supplied to item 8c.

This is a common request from eBay buyers because marking the item as a gift greatly reduces tariff fees. Return to top of page. If the Buyer does not have one, you may leave this box blank. Take care not to mark commercial products as gifts, as this is considered mail fraud and is prosecuted by law. Note that in some countries, the postal code goes before the city or town. Insert all documents in PS Form E plastic envelope when complete.

Review then implement the steps in the previous section to obtain a copy of this form. If you use online postage services such as Stamps. Therefore, a receipt or estimated value of the product is required.

This is where the Freight will be delivered so make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date. Cushion your items with bubble wrap, foam, newspaper, or even shredded paper. Do not check more than one of these boxes. Of course, you can always ship using a Flat Rate Box and skip this step entirely. There are three different types of customs forms used for USPS international shipping. If this is applicable then fill in this information to item 3i. Once they come in the mail the forms will be ready for immediate use.


Incoice, your package could be delayed or returned. Choose to login or create a new account.

Free USPS Commercial Invoice | PS Form | Excel | PDF | Word (.doc)

The good news is USPS customs forms are self-explanatory. International Selling Tagged With: What are your three options?

ivnoice Each must have the exact barcode in box 17 so make sure to keep all three copies together at all times. Once completed, the success screen will appear informing that the forms will be received within 3 to 5 days.

When you fill out the customs form, list the contents of your shipment completely and accurately. The weight limit for both the Priority Mail International medium and large flat rate boxes is 20 lbs.