This guide will show you how to reset the Billion G router back to original instructions on this, take a look at our How to Setup WiFi on the Billion G. Confirm that the internet light is green, if it is still red, repeat the previous steps or con- tact your ISP to verify the username and password and for further. This guide will show you how to setup your Billion G Router. The basic setup is Select the Manually option as shown below and click Apply. Manual Config.

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To prevent unauthorized wireless stations from accessing data transmitted over the network, the router offers highly secure data encryption, known as WEP.

Page 65 Billion G Router Name: This item is for identification purposes. The below screen should be displayed. Auto-disconnect the router when there is no activity on billlon line for a predetermined period of time. We recommend using WPA2 as your new security method along with a strong Internet password. Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference.


ADSL Setup (Billion 400G Router)

Basic Installation The router can be configured with your web browser. Monday through Sunday to restrict or allowing the usage of the Internet by users or applications. Default is set to Disable. The following information is provided should you wish to connect to an alternative ISP. If the packet does not match bbillion of the above two items, it is sent to the remote web server.

Specify an IP address on this virtual interface.

The router’s username and password are returned to factory defaults. This is so that your network is visible. The product provides an easy and user-friendly interface for configuration.

Specify a subnet mask on this virtual interface. Here are the items within the WAN section: Open System, Share key. The IP address that assigned to client.

The value entered will limit the speed of the specified application to the specified value Set in multiples of 32kbps. This guide will show you how to reset the Billion G router back to original factory defaults.

Can I limit internet speed on a billion g port ? | MyBroadband

Billion G Router Quick Start 1. The MAC address of client. Configuration Billion G Router Chapter 4: This might include IP addresses or maybe port forwards. Enter the username and password and click Log In. It allows you to set which outgoing traffic will not trigger and reset the idle timer.


It is advisable to have a password on your wireless feature. And the default security mode is WPA.

Serving South Africa since Configuration At the configuration homepage, the left navigation pane where bookmarks are provided links you directly to the desired setup page, including: You can easily by checking the box next to the IP address to be blocked or allowed. But in some areas, multimode cannot detect the ADSL line mode very well. The above settings will help to limit utilization of upstream bandwidth by the FTP connections.

This is especially useful for hosting servers via your ADSL connection, so that anyone wishing to connect to you may use your domain name, rather than having to use your dynamic IP address, which changes from billlon to time. Maximum input is 15 alphanumeric characters.