Fundamental principles of bhaishajya kalpana. The word Bhaishajya Kalpana is composed of two words – Bhaishajya and Kalpana. The word. Bhaishjya kalpana deals with the Basic Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. •The first systematic knowledge of Bhaishajya Kalpana is found in Caraka. Doctor of Medicine in Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana (Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacy) is Non – Clinical course. Keeping with tradition, the course.

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Apart from this lexicons and compilations authored by different scholars from different parts of the country written in sanskrita and regional languages have contributed enormously in this regard. These can be preserved for one year if kept in air tight container. It is possible that because of the ecological bhalshajya prevailing in different parts from where the material is procured the same material collected from different regions may not have same activity profile.

It kalpaha certainly possible that the quality of the adjuvant and other ingredients may influence the expression of biological activity. The pharmaceutical procedures for any drug involve various steps starting from identification and collection of authentic raw material, application of standardized processing techniques, and production of quality drug to packaging and storage of the produced drug.

When still warm, vatis should be rolled and dried in shade. Dissertation submitted to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. The quantity of water required to be added and to be retained after boiling varies from plant to plant. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; A great many varieties of factors related to raw drug selection, processing, formulation, preparation, use bhaiehajya purification processes and use of adjuvants have been observed to have strong influence on the expression of pharmacological activity thus possibly on kkalpana effect.

Lepa bjaishajya drug formulation in the form of a paste used for external application are called lepas. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


Bhaishajya Kalpanaa – The Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics – An Overview

Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines Salt, sugar, camphor- the material with water content, when mentioned are separately powdered and mixed with the rest at the end. In Ayurvedic therapeutics, drugs in both forms are used, crude as well as processed and converted into different formulations. Fresh as well as dried plant material is used for processing- depending on availability and necessity. In Ayurvedic therapeutics, drug therapy is given prime importance.

Sometimes minerals are also used as ingredients in such cases the mineral bhalshajya converted to Bhasmas calcined metallic lalpana and used as ingredients.

Powder of each drug is weighed separately and mixed thoroughly.

Thesis submitted to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. Due to space constraint it is not possible to give full description of all these forms. The powders of the ingredients are added to the Paaka and briskly mixed. These are shown in Table 2.

Bhaishajya Kalpanaa – The Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics – An Overview

A critical review of Prakara yoga and Pharmaco-clinical study on a combination of certain drugs therein for Vyadhikshamatva effect bhaishajha Brmhana in children.

Influence of drug processing during preparation A study carried out by Rajesh Barvaliya on A-Panc a tikta ghrita literally translates as medicated ghee prepared from five drugs having bitter taste principles containing ghee involved preparation of the formulation by three methods and subjecting them to comparative study.

This will ensure proper mixing in comparison to mixing the drugs and preparing the powder of the drug-mix. Three types of extraction techniques, depending on the heat kwlpana of the plant material, are used. Phytochemical and Pharmaco-Therapeutic evaluation of Parijata with special reference to its effect on Grdhrasi.

Avaleha – it is a semi-solid preparation of the drugs meant for licking.

Preparations having this exudate as main effective ingredient are known as Guggulu. This process ensures absorption of the active therapeutic properties of the ingredients used, into the bhaisbajya base.


The alcohol generated in this process serves as a self preservative. Khara paaka rough consistency oil is used for bathing.

Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya

Influence of adjuvant on the pharmacological activity A study was carried out Rajagopala, by noting the effect of the test preparations on cyclophosphamide induced immuno and myelosuppression. The main emphasis is on removing the physical and chemical impurities from the crude drugs.

Formulation factors influencing expression of pharmacological activity Though it is generally accepted among the ayurvedic fraternity that drug formulation is very important for ensuring therapeutic efficacy, not much importance is being given to assess or ascertain the impact of changes made in formulation factors on the expression of pharmacological activity.

A study was carried out Rajagopala, by noting the effect of the test preparations on cyclophosphamide induced immuno and myelosuppression. Ayurvedic pharmaceutics, Bhaisajya Kalpanaa, Pancavidha Kasaaya, Ayurvedic formulations Traditional systems of medicine. Not all but some of the plant ingredients are therapeutically active. The paaka is categorized in to mridu soft – if the paste is waxy when rolled between fingers, madhyama moderate if the paste is hard and fires without cracking noise when put in to fire and khara hard if it burns with cracking sound when placed in fire.

Groups of classics known as Greater triad Brihat tr a yee and Lesser triad Laghu trayee are noteworthy among them. But four, eight and sixteen parts of water is added to soft, hard and very hard plant material respectively for the decoction to be used as base material for preparation of medicated oil or ghee.