UNIT 4 ANTI-ARRACK MOVEMENT. Structure. Aims and Purpose. Introduction. The Movement: How it Began. Other Initiatives against Arrack. Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India! Women have been in the forefront of movements against liquor-related social evils. Women in Patad village in Uttar. Anti-Arrack movement. Year:(September and October) Place:Andhra Pradesh Purpose: Ban on alcoholism. In AP witnessed a spontaneous.

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Women were enthusiastic participants in the program.

Thus, the anti arrack movement also became part of the women’s moement. The women used instruments like brooms, chilli, powder11 and fire to tackle the rowdy arrack contractors and their drunken husbands. Caste and class hierarchies are clearly evident in this movement.

The anti-arrack movement started in Nellore district inand quickly spread to other parts of the state.

In many districts, women decided enough was enough. These movements helped in increasing social awareness about women’s questions. The Movement Against Rape in India. Nevertheless, in recent times arrack has been banned by various arracj like Karnataka15 and Kerala.

This aspect has been briefly enumerated in this essay. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Arrack shops in the village were at a distance from the village. The movement made demands of equal representation to women in politics during the ninetees. The Andhra Pradesh Government did institute prohibition in the district of Guntur in on experimental basis.


From anti-arrack to total prohibition: the women’s movement in Andhra Pradesh, India.

With the support of a voluntary organization, Disha, the women of the village launched a three-month long agitation, which ultimately forced the administration to order the closure of the liquor shop. Skip to main content.

Women in Patad village in Uttar Pradesh launched an anti-liquor movement. After the third five-year plan there is no mention of prohibition in the subsequent plans. Women have been in the forefront of movements against liquor-related social evils. Now the Government became Sara Koru Sarkar. Government and arrack Through out the agitation,Government took a stand that it needs revenue from arrack to carry out welfare activities especially providing Rs.

This term project has been submitted by: It was through these classes that the women united against the consumption of arrack in their villages.

Anti-Arrack Movement : | Economic and Political Weekly

Click here to sign up. Adulterated with diazepam and Chloral hydrate to give more kick. The State now does not promote the policy of prohibition. Nevertheless, drinking of arrack or toddy by scheduled castes or tribes was not anyi upon and consequently, majority of the arrack consumers were the poorest of the poor who belonged either to the scheduled castes or the scheduled tribes.

It was suggested that Indian Manufactured Liquor outlets be reduced and toddy regulated. Remember me on this computer. A joint Action Committee formed. They were confronting the contractors ,Government officials and the very state machinery.


This was usually done in the evenings after they finished their daily labor. Many women were arrested and cases filed against them. Many women even committed suicide to escape this daily torture.

Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India

Arack, a resident of Bandarupalli had been driven to 8 suicide twice because of constant abuse at the hands of her husband. It is during in the class that women complained of increased consumption of a locally brewed alcohol- arrack- by men in their families 2. A close nexus between crime and politics was established around the business of arrack.

Arrack consumption was a popular phenomenon only among the poor. Women were finding it difficult to board buses, wash clothes in the pond, and move around freely in the village. Chandra Babu Naidu, the son in movwment and Member of the cabinet, wrested power from N. The Government now in a catch 21 situation. Liquor emerged as a movekent source of revenue and the Government grew colder to prohibiting its sale.

The molasses is diverted to making arrack. These probably inspired women to fight for their rights. Women took action on the spot depending on the situation.