Description. Antaron (Ganex) Sensory is a water dispersible polymer that has a Chemistry of Antaron (Ganex) sensory polymer Antaron/Ganex V Antaron polymers are Ashland’s signature series of skin care film formers, including Antaron V, Antaron V, Antaron VF, Antaron WP, and . ANTARON V F. Presentation. DESCRIPTION Copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone and long-chain a-olefins. PROPERTIES Antaron V/WP grades are excellent.

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Antaron™ V (Ganex™ V) polymer by Ashland – Personal Care & Cosmetics

The use of copolymers of Amtaron water-insoluble substances in preparations. Protecting against blue light and more Copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone and a C30 alpha-olefin in flake or powder form, process for making same, and personal care compositions therewith. EP 0 proposes polymers and copolymers based on a Ci-C3o- meth acrylic acid ester which are able to improve the water resistance and wet abrasion resistance of a cosmetic formulation.

Preparation of formulation B The invention is illustrated by the following examples, although these do not limit the invention:. To anttaron the drop contour by means of the software DSA1tangent method 1 is exclusively used see the website http: The measured contact angle allows a statement to be made about the hydrophobic property of antarron formulation. The contact angle is measured manually using the contact angle measuring device easy drop from Kruss GmbH Hamburg, Germany and the associated software DSA1.

Nonlimiting examples of UV filters are the following commercially available UV filters approved for cosmetic applications according to INCI nomenclature: R 2 is Cs antarob Calkyl, preferably Cio to Calkyl, particularly preferably C12 to Calkyl, very particularly antaon C14 to Calkyl, in particular Cis-n-alkyl.


Although many cosmetic formulations already lay claim to the properties of waterproofness or water resistance, there is still a need for products with longer-lasting water resistance associated with improved skin feel upon application of the cosmetic formulation. Phase C was heated to ca. Preferred embodiments with regard to the copolymer and the further ingredients of a sunscreen formulation can be found in the explanations already given above.

The precision dosing needles with polypropylene tubes Art.

Cosmetic and dermatological preparations in stick form, comprising an amino-substituted hydroxybenzophenone. The results of the contact angle measurement method indicate here that formulation V1 1 has a moderate contact angle and formulations V12 and B7 have considerably larger contact angles.

An average is calculated from these by the software. Biogenic active ingredients are to be understood as meaning, for example, plant extracts, protein hydrolysates and vitamin complexes.

Formulations V2 and B1 have significantly larger contact angles.

Note on the preparation of phase F: The results of the contact angle measurement method indicate here that formulations V13 and V14 have moderate contact angles.

Also advantageous are antaaron vegetable antioxidant complexes such as, for example, tea extracts, grape extracts or algae extracts, but also natural or nature-identical individual substances, such as, for example, resveratrol.

Antaron™ V-220F (Ganex™ V-220F) polymer

Preferred embodiments as regards the copolymer can be found in the explanations already given above. Formulation Zntaron containing copolymer 1 has a much larger contact angle than V4 containing Antaron V Copolymer 1 is prepared in accordance with the process described in example 5 of EP patent 1 A1 firstly in the form of an aqueous dispersion, and is then obtained as a dry and pourable powder as a result of spray-drying as in the example of EP patent antwron A1.


It is important that the corners are also filled. After the initial weighing, using the index finger, which is covered amtaron a single-use fingerstall made of latex and saturated beforehand with the formulation, the formulation is spread evenly on the plate and rubbed in using small circular.

Antaron™ V-220 (Ganex™ V-220) polymer

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions with matrix containing N-vinyllactam or N-vinylamine based copolymer. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. To evaluate the drop contour by means of the software DSA1tangent method 1 is exclusively used see the website.

Merocyanine derivatives, as described in WOwhich correspond to the formula A or Bwhich may both be present in their E or Z configurations. Thus, besides the copolymer increasing the water resistance according to the invention, a preferred cosmetic formulation in the form of a sunscreen composition comprises at least one of the aforementioned UV filters.

EP EPA2 en Copolymer 2 is in principle prepared by the same process as copolymer 1except a lower molar mass was established. Only when it had been rubbed using a finger did the stroke of formulation B9 dissolve. Each drop is measured immediately after application and adjustment of the baseline for exactly 5 seconds.

Preparation of formulation B9: Nov Protecting against blue light and more