HERNIAS DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL ZONAS DEBILES DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL 1. Hernia epigástrica. 2. Hernia umbilical. 3. Hernia. Objective: Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect. La técnica quirúrgica dependerá de las características del paciente, la hernia y la. H. epigástrica. . TÉCNICA LAPAROSCÓPICA• visualizar el defecto de la hernia y la anatomía circundante con claridad y ampliación.

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In spite of this, laparoscopy in not always available for emergency surgery and also requires a learning curve. The symptoms can vary and are non specific. Laparoscopic repair of spigelian hernia: Cir Esp ; After this report only isolated cases, congenital SH associated with cryptorchidism or the Satorras-Fioretti review about abdominal wall hernias of unusual presentation which included 12 patients with Spigelian hernia 6 have been published.

Quirurica addition to previous or concomitant hernias as a risk factor we have also looked for other medical conditions such as COPD or prior abdominal surgery. Tecnia often can be provoked or aggravated by contraction of abdominal muscles or other maneuvers that increase the intra abdominal pressure 7and this can help us orienting the correct quirurgcia.

That special location of SH contributes to hinder the diagnosis. Open approach follows the usual principles of any hernia repair. Diagnosis of Spigelian hernia is basically clinic. Carter JE, Mizes C. The second modality of endoscopic treatment is the extraperitoneal approach that offers the advantage of avoiding general anesthesia so that can be performed easily as an outpatient procedure and also avoids the possible added risk of visceral lesions as demonstrates the only prospective randomized controlled trial comparing conventional versus laparoscopic management of Spigelian hernia Ruiz de la Hermosa, I.

Left side was the most frequent location. We carried out a retrospective review of patients operated on from to at our Hospital.


It occurs because of a weak area of spiegelian fascia which is localized between the semilunar line and the lateral edge of the anterior rectus muscle. Laparoscopic diagnosis and repair of spigelian hernia: Ugeskr Laeger ; Tecnoca first one allows to explore the contralateral side as well as the abdominal cavity and for some authors is the recommended method when there is another process requiring associated surgery because can be performed in the same intervention 6.

The treatment of Spigelian hernia is surgical and can be performed either by classic open or laparoscopic technique. We have used intra-abdominal modality in all cases and we do not have experience with totally extraperitoneal technique, although is the recommended by most authors. Personal experience and review of the literature Hernias de Spiegel. The most frequent symptom is pain and the presence of a lump.

Despite all this help that imaging techniques offer there is still a small percentage of patients requiring emergency surgery: Surgical technique depends on patient characteristics, type of hernia and surgeon experience. Some authors obtain without mesh as good results as with it, and they currently recommend mesh-free repair, either for conventional repair like Hsieh 23 or for laparoscopy repair like Bittner Twenty five patients Generally speaking, laparoscopic approach results in less infection rate, quicker incorporation to activities of daily living, less postoperative pain and specially avoids opening the external oblique aponeurosis and therefore a risk reduction of recurrence 1.

J R Coll Surg Edinb ; We present the results of our own series and a literature review.

An important percentage of patients will present with an acute complication of the Spigelian hernia as their epigastria symptom. Spigelian hernia in Spain. Cir Esp ; 79 3: These techniques can help to make a diagnosis and specially can provide data on the exact location of the defect, size, environment and hernia sac content.


During the postoperative care one patient had a wound infection and another one had a paralytic ileus.

Tècnica Quirurgica de Pared Abdominal by Krizz Luque Mora on Prezi

Laparoscopy tecnicaa becoming more and more frequent and its advantages have already been demonstrated. Arch Surg ; Subsequently Moles Morenilla et al made a bibliographic review of Spanish literature in that included patients 1. Two treatment modalities can hetnia used, transperitoneal so called intra-abdominal and extraperitoneal. Rev Esp Enf Ap Digest ; Anyway the number of patients of these studies is very small to find statistical differences.

Alicia Ruiz de la Hermosa.

The presence of pain and a palpable lump in the typical wpigastrica should alert us of its diagnosis. Mesh-free laparoscopic spigelian hernia repair. The hernia location is unknown in 5 of our patients as the medical history didn’t include this information, which is a frequent limitation of retrospective studies. J Minim Access Surg ; 4 4: Rev Cubana Cir ; 44 4.

Hernias de Spiegel: Nuestra experiencia y revisión de la literatura

The authors’ own experience and a review of the literature. Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect. CT scan is the recommended investigational imaging study, moreover if laparoscopic approach is going to be employed so that any hernia sac content can be properly identified 17,6. Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; tecnca InCarter y Mizes performed the first intra-abdominal laparoscopic correction 20 and inSalvador et al published the first one in Spain The mean age was 70 heria range years.

In those cases of diagnostic doubt is advisable to perform a sonography or tomography 13, Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; 99 9: