Carbofuran is one of the most toxic carbamate pesticides. It is marketed under the trade names Furadan, by FMC Corporation and Curater, among several others. Furadan, Bay , Curaterr, D , ENT , Yaltox, Furacarb (25). Carbofuran is highly toxic by inhalation and ingestion and moderately toxic by. Toxicological Characteristics Current available acute toxicological studies on carbofuran show the following: Acute oral toxicity: rat, LD50 mg/kg;.

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Retrieved 11 August Due to nonregistration of toxicit carcinogenic chemicals used on crops not listed in the Dangerous Substances Act of Thailandvegetables with residues of methomylcarbofuran, dicrotophosand EPN were taken off supermarket shelves in July Fugadan from ” https: Water Science and Technology.

Retrieved 5 June Retrieved October 29, Furavan this change, carbofuran usage in the US would be allowed only on corn, potatoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, pine seedlings and spinach grown for seed.

Toxicology mechanisms and methods. The company took action to stop the sale of this product and instituted a buy-back program in East Africa when it toxiicity determined that the illegal and intentional misuse of chemicals against wildlife could not be controlled by education or stewardship programs alone.

Before the granular form was banned by U. Bacillus thuringiensis Baculovirus Beauveria bassiana Beauveria brongniartii Metarhizium acridum Metarhizium anisopliae Nomuraea rileyi Lecanicillium lecanii Paecilomyces fumosoroseus Paenibacillus popilliae Purpureocillium lilacinum.

Chemical Research in Toxicology. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carbofuran usage has increased in recent years because it is one of the few insecticides effective on soybean aphidswhich have expanded their range since to include most soybean-growing regions of the U.


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This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat It is used to control insects in a wide variety of field crops, including potatoescorn and soybeans. Kenya is considering banning carbofuran, [11] but it is legal to buy over-the-counter in Kenya.

In Kenyafarmers are using carbofuran to kill lions and other predators. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. It is a systemic insecticide, which means that the plant absorbs it through the roots, and from here the plant distributes it throughout its organs where insecticidal concentrations are attained.

Retrieved 7 September Demecarium Fasciculins green mamba toxins 1234 Onchidal Onchidella binneyi Methanesulfonyl fluoride Unsorted: Highly soluble in N-methylpyrrolidone, dimethylformamidedimethyl sulfoxideacetoneacetonitrilemethylene chloridecyclohexanonebenzeneand xylene [2]. In a number of publicized incidents worldwide, carbofuran has also been used to poison domestic pets. Chlorantraniliprole Cyantraniliprole Flubendiamide Ryanodine Ryanodol.

Views Read Edit View history. Asoxime chloride Methoxime Obidoxime Pralidoxime Trimedoxime bromide. These alterations toxicitj consequently lead to serious reproductive problems following repeated exposure.


Secondary fatal poisoning of domestic and wild animals has been documented, [15] [16] specifically, raptors bald eagles and golden eaglesdomestic dogs, raccoonsvultures and other scavengers. Acetylcholine metabolism and transport modulators. LD 50 median dose. Carbofuran is one of the most toxic carbamate pesticides.

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Carbofuran has one of the highest acute toxicities to humans fursdan any insecticide widely used on field crops only aldicarb and parathion are more toxic. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors Carbamate insecticides Benzofurans Phenol esters Insecticides Female reproductive toxicants.

The technical or chemical name of carbofuran is 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethylbenzofuranyl methylcarbamate and furdan CAS number is Birds often eat numerous grains furada the pesticide, mistaking them for seeds, and then die shortly thereafter.

Lethal dose or concentration LDLC:. It is manufactured by the reaction of methyl isocyanate with 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethylhydroxybenzofuran. Carbofuran has been illegally used to intentionally poison wildlife not only in the US, Canada and Great Britain; poisoned wildlife have included coyotes, kites, golden eagles and buzzards.


Other names Furadan, Curater, Furacarb. In furaran projects Wikimedia Commons. Secondary poisoning of eagles following intentional poisoning of coyotes with anticholinesterase pesticides in Western Canada.

carbofuran (Furadan) Chemical Fact Sheet 6/84

Carbofuran is banned in Canada and the European Union. Environmental Protection Agency in[14] it was blamed for millions of bird deaths per year. It is classified as an extremely hazardous substance in the United States as defined in Section of the U. Hemicholinium-3 hemicholine Triethylcholine Enhancers: Archived from the original on Carbofuran is known to be particularly toxic to birds. The piece suggested that Furadzn was a serious threat to the future of the lion population in Africa.

Carbofuran exhibits toxicity mediated by the same mechanism as that of the notorious V-series nerve agents and presents a risk to human health. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 40 2: The main global producer is the FMC Corporation. However in developing countries, occupational exposure to the Carbofuran and resultant carbofuran-serum protein labeling has been reported that impacts human health and well-being. Archived from the original on May 28, In its granular form, a single grain will kill a bird.

The liquid version of the pesticide is less hazardous to birds since they are not as likely to ingest it directly, but it is still very hazardous.