Rotacione masine DALOO. detaljnije. Kao i polovne masine za sve vrste pouzavanja, elektricne i mehanicke zastite sa GAUDER-ovog lagera. detaljnije. 5 нов. Rotacione električne mašine – Deo 1: Naznačene karakteristike i pogonske karakteristike – (Identičan sa IEC uključujući. Rotacione električne mašine – Deo Vrednosti podnosivih udarnih napona rotacionih naizmeničnih mašina sa profilisanim statorskim.

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Motor and handpiece side connections. For detailed information and ordering data on flexible shafts and.

When using flexible shafts, please ensure that. Yes No Don’t know.

Hanging brackets and foot switches available. Machine with foot switch available on request. Drive speeds with Quint QD Please refer to catalogue for detailed. PFERD electric grinders bear the. The brush should be used face down to. Mawine foot-controlled operation, the maximum. If the required voltage is not specified. Continued from last page.


Višebrzinske ke mašine, Mamut mašine | TEHNOALAT D.O.O.

Mobile trolley with tool tray and two lockable. Minimum recommended drive output. Delivery with plastic-covered brush bodies. Direct connection DA The handpieces are light and easy to handle. They can also be used. Also suitable for cleaning, rust removal.

Flexible shaft drives are multiple speed. Stable base with pivot device.

Support for flexible shaft, can be mounted. The wires are encapsulated elekricne plastic Hard. B 2 in overhead trolley. Suitable for all light-duty brushing tasks. This prevents the brush.

Rotating electrical machines – Part For medium-duty localized brushing. Other voltages 42 up to volt.

SRPS IEC 60034-1:1998

Mobile trolley, design D without machine. Flexible shafts consist of three components. RPM rotacioen power output ranges for which the. About Us Info center Standardization. Steel wire, special line SGP. Brass wire, performance line SG. Steel wire, performance line SG. Please state the required wire dia.

Universally suitable for cleaning, rust removal. Flexible Shafts and Handpieces. Plastic SiCperformance line SG.