Birdman () was the first novel of British crime-writer Mo Hayder. It introduced her protagonist DI Jack Caffery. Plot summary[edit]. DI Jack Caffery gets. Treading the grisly path blazed by Thomas Harris in with Red Dragon, promising newcomer Hayder crafts a blood-curdlingly creepy debut thriller set near. Buy Birdman: Jack Caffery series 1 Reprint by Mo Hayder (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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A Novel Author s: View all 11 comments. While Mo Hayder can certainly write, the plot development leaves something to be desired. Mo Hayder manages to create a superb and frighteningly real detective that I became totally engrossed in reading mk. Seemed very realistic, maybe too much so. It will not be the last. None the less, she dwells lingeringly upon the horror, is at her most detailed and lyrical when it comes to what is most appalling.

As always with darkly imaginative Mo Hayder, the twists and hayderr are innumerable and unpredictable. He is obsessed with the bireman disappearance of his brother, Ewan. As each post-mortem reveals a singular, horrific signature linking the victims, officers realize that they are on the trail of that most dangerous off Greenwich, south-east London.

Sex with dead people? Even Hannibal likes to have his victims served hot

Instead of giving the reader whole grim scenes in one installment, she teases us with isolated, close-up details that appear from an almost cinematographic perspective. Another major issue with the novel was the manner in which Jack Caffery made breakthroughs in the case.


Caffery knows that the birdmman will strike again. Oh, hzyder how likely is it that a cop, who is obsessed with his brother’s disappearance potentially at the hands of the pedophile over the fence, is likely to let a bunch of his friend’s kids play in the backyard unsupervised?!

Birdman (novel) – Wikipedia

For example, “Her nails bitten and painted sky blue, curled inwards to the swollen palm” is one of the images that remained my companion, instead of sleep, through the long, dark night-time hours opposed to the birrman gruesome, fuller images conjured.

Man, what is it about female mystery writers that makes them come up with the most heinous of crimes?

Isis Publishing Ltd Availability: Caffery is a brilliant young detective with nerves of steel and gr This very dark and brutally gory book is the first in the Jack Caffery series by British crime writer Mo Hayder. Less capable members of the team pursue pimps and drug dealers.

This gives her world of baroque evil an extra twist: There is nothing not to like about this novel. That the author relies on detailed description of the gross and gory is, I think intended to provide realism and some street cred for the author, which it does, but then goes on and on overshadowing the needs of the characters to give richness to a pr A pretty good yarn with some twists, but I thought the author wallowed in the gore excessively and lost sight of developing the characters.

I think the sun has set on my relationship with tough British police thrillers. Not even one of these women has been reported missing, suggesting the killer has taken some care in selecting his victims.


I felt as if I’d been had. Birdman is a solid genre crime thriller and fans of this kind of novel will be happy to see the following old favourites present and correct: Added by 8 of our members.

Birdman (Jack Caffery, #1) by Mo Hayder

Is this like a supernatural detective series? Soon Caffery realises that he is on the trail of that most dangerou This book was the ” Pick It For Me”, with my group ” A Good Thriller”, so thank you to my members that picked this book for me. Other books in the series.

Assuming the next novel is not increasingly disturbing, I will continue reading in hopes that the plot development improved as the writer gained experience. Random House of Canada, Limite Availability: View all 5 comments. And although there’s a compelling quality about the book – its prose is a canny mix of the quasi-literary and the streetwise, it pushes all the right buttons, has a giddying kind of excitement in its escalating horrors – it left me with a nasty taste in my mouth.

Birdman – October 36 Nov 02, It’s a crime that is described in queasy and almost empathetic detail.