Download/Embed scientific diagram | Gondolas of a circulating detachable bicable ropeway. from publication: Modelling and simulation of bicable ropeways . The term “aerial ropeway” refers to an installation transporting passengers in The term “bicable” means that the two functions of carrying and hauling are filled . Manufacturer of Ropeways – BI Cable Ropeway, Monocable Pulsating Ropeway, BI Jig Back Ropeway and Jig-Back Ropeway offered by Gh Enterprises, Solan.

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Tricable and bicable gondola lifts.

Types of ropeway – Useful information – Company – LEITNER ropeways

I am searching for …. A top government approved contractor, the company supports defense forward bases and allied Defense customers in more than 10 states. For more information Minimetro. This type of ropeway can go up to a speed of 10 mps Tricable gondola lifts have one hauling cable and two support cables.

The choice of installation depends on the characteristics ropewxy the site slope, length available, nature of the terrain flown over, environmentthe performances required transport capacity, speed and the type of customers skiers, pedestrians, disabled passengers, etc. Chairs or Cabins can be up to 6 person capacity and may be in groups of 4. The ropes that carry the carrier are called the carrying ropes and those that haul carriers are called the hauling ropes. Tricable and bicable gondola lifts Economical solution for demanding terrain.


Funiculars Funiculars run on tracks and are mainly used to overcome altitude differences. A tricable gondola lift has two carrying ropes and one hauling rope. As the sets pass through the stations, the rope speed slows or the system may even stop.

Allowing about 16 seconds for boarding as well as de-boarding, its capacity works upto PPH. They can operate in almost any weather condition and are characterized by low maintenance costs. The majority of reversible or pulsed movement aerial ropeways all over the world fall into this category, as well as a few gondola lifts.

Both cabins are permanently attached to the hauling rope in S. Allowing about 20 seconds for both vicable and boarding its capacity can go up to PPH depending on the length of line.

Tricable and bicable gondola lifts

The cable-drawn automatic people mover is a detachable ropeway system on rails for both short and medium distance operations. Cabins can be up to 8 person capacity. Draglifts have a long history and are the most widely used across the world.

Telemix is the name given to what is ropway a combination of two vehicle types in one installation system – chairs and gondolas.

This type costs the least and has minimum mechanicals. The new 3S carriage Manufacturing technologies and precision components like those used in aircraft construction are the hallmark of the high technical standard of the new LEITNER 3S carriage. For more information Telemix.


There are also reduced maintenance requirements, since the grip can now simply be removed. By using the website, you agree to the use of cookies I agree. Fixed Grip Chairlifts Fixed grip chairlifts have also been in use for decades and are often chosen for their robust engineering, long service life and relatively low investment costs. Find more suppliers in Solan Tour Packages in Solan. Detachable chairlift are representing the most popular, comfortable and fastest transport system for winter sports enthusiasts.

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Pulsed gondola ropeways are also fixed-grip installations. Please enter full name. Therefore speed is limited to maximum 1.

Ropeways – BI Cable Ropeway Manufacturer from Solan

Today, fixed grip chairlifts eopeway mainly provided for 2 and 4 passengers. Inclined elevators Inclined elevators employ the same basic technology as vertical elevators. A bicable gondola lift has a carrying and a hauling rope.

Detachable Chairlift Detachable chairlift are representing the most popular, comfortable and fastest transport system for winter sports enthusiasts. This enables a higher speed on the line, a lower speed in the station and makes boarding and deboarding more comfortable for the passengers.

This type can not be used by children or old persons.