BOOK REVIEW: The Roots of Coincidence: An Excursion into Parapsychology by Arthur Koestler (Vintage Books) With psychologist Carl. Critical Review of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence”!1 by Jake Embrey The study of parapsychology, external sensory perception (ESP) and. The Roots of Coincidence. By Arthur Koestler. THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE : AN EXCURSION INTO PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Arthur Koestler.

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Log In Sign Up. Koestler hinges his argument on the similarities between physics, quantum physics and that of parapsychological work.

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If s and s have passed and rlots. Some parts are very good full of information and inspiring esp. Sep 28, Anat Levi rated it really liked it. Furthermore, that science is not simply the accumulation of facts, that it is instead the adoption of scientific theories which best represent the largest amount of evidence at a particular time.

But when an author begins a book with a quote like I am afraid my subject is rather an exciting one and as I don’t like excitement, I shall approach it in a gentle, timid, roundabout wayyou know what you’re getting into.

An account of the writing — and reading, and other stuff — in my life by Andrew Cartmel. Quotes from The Roots of Coin Most of Koestler’s arguments are actually pretty solid and his overarching theoretical framework is very elegant, widely applicable, and maybe even capable of shedding light on some og fundamental mysteries. Psitrons are purely hypothetical, despite the similarities of such hypothetical particles to particles discussed in quantum physics there exists no evidence for koestlr in their existence.


The cover of the Picador paperback edition, with dominoes in the foreground representing star coordinates, is integral to furthering the plot of this episode.

The Roots of Coincidence – Wikiwand

I finally got around to it after seeing it on our bookshelves for more than 40 years. Fortunately, the great writer and scholar of science Arthur Koestler was fascinated by the subject and wasn’t afraid to delve into it. I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m wondering if this concept has gained more scientific support over the last 43 years.

The most arresting statement for me came klestler Pg. We live in a world dominated by wires, A book of its time published infull of disputable arguments meant to support notions of parapsychology, and occasionally adorned with mildly interesting facts.

Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions discusses this as the title suggests, the nature of science as a whole, specifically tue ways in which scientific theories are adopted and abandoned in favour of evidence.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

View all comments. Thus begins an exceptionally well-written book which is an excursion of sorts into Parapsychology with an intent to making it more academically respectable than it was at the time and to dispel the popular notion of the psychic investigator as an uncritical believer koest,er a willing prey to fraudulent mechanisms.

His slim volume The Roots of Coincidence makes for engrossing reading. The radio was playing in the background.

A summary of a relevant parapsychological rootx could be summarised as follows: I’m not good at higher math or science, but this book made me feel so. There is a terrible danger of ruining their careers by even being associated with such stuff. And among that precious little, this book is especially noteworthy.


The Roots of Coincidence

I have rarely seen such convincing evidence for the awesome power of synchronicity. Whereas on the other hand the carefully controlled experiments are utterly reliable In the end I used a small pamphlet I had been given at a recent exhibition Id seen – which included work by the Irish painter Francis Bacon and was excellent.

The roots of coincidence, Volume Arthur Koestler Snippet view – This had been an instructive read, I thought, going through the final paragraph. He doesn’t consider that maybe it evolved because people with thicker-soled feet were less likely to suffer foot injuries that would harm their ability to flee death, making them more likely to survive and propagate their genetic material.

Narrative Drive: The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler

It turns out that, later that very same day, operatives working for Russian military intelligence actually did for the first time try to hack Clinton’s server! The Roots of Coincidence artgur a book by Arthur Koestleran introduction to theories of parapsychologyincluding extrasensory perception and psychokinesis.

Again, the results are statistically significant.