Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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This popular conception is born of the fact that attention was first focused upon bacteria through the discovery, some 70 years ago, of the relationship of bacteria to disease in man, and that in its infancy the study of becahmp was a branch of medical science. He will have consumed in that time, besides other foods, the equivalent of 20, kilograms of flesh, and produced about kilograms of urea.

These acids break down body tissues, and germs arise merely as scavengers; if we can stop the break-down of tissue through a diet free from these acids, we can also end the danger from germs, as well as the troubles from decalcification and eliminating meat. I expected to find the starch with the same consistency as before; on the contrary, it was liquefied. The experiments of Schwann were confirmed by several others. These two experiments demonstrated to me clearly that the presence of the air was essential for the inversion to take place and for the moulds to be born, and at the same time that the volume of air left present could not operate the inversion.

Jansen in in Holland, but it was not until about that anything was built of sufficient power to show up bacteria. In other words, all living organisms, he believed, from the one celled amoeba to mankind, were associations of these minute living entities, and their presence was necessary for cell life to grow and for cells to be repaired. The foregoing is but a very imperfect list of the labors and discoveries of Bechamp, of which the work now translated was the crowning glory.

It does not treat the whole body. But whatever name may be given to the phenomenon, lactic or alcoholic fermentation, that which resulted from the experiments of Berthelot was that:. According to their views, a dog unable to find green grass to eat in winter is very apt to develop worms or maggots, or both, in the intestines, often perforating them, becjamp driving the dog frantic. Haller also first placed the spontaneous coagulation of the blood on its true ground tracing the theory back to Aristotle:.


He was educated at the University of Strasbourgreceiving a doctor of science degree in and doctor of medicine inand ran a pharmacy in the city.

The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element by Antoine Bechamp

I gave it the name first of zymasand later that of zythozymas. We have above rapidly sketched the state of the relations of chemistry and physiology as well as the state of the subject of fermentations at bechakp beginning of the nineteenth century; we behcamp now see what they were at the commencement of the second half of that century sayabout He then became my collaborator in proving that which was true of milk and meat was also true for all the parts of an animal.

Between and a widespread epidemic among silk worms called pebrine alarmed the south of France, so much so that finally, init drew national attention. This is very different from the hullaballoo generally raised by the self-styled ‘regular’ doctors, and especially by health officers, over hechamp dog bite they hear of. There have been several excellent books written mainly in the early decades of this centurywhich explain in detail the plagiarisms sntoine accompanying injustices which Pasteur and others inflicted on Bechamp.

That is what microbes, germs, are for. What then had become of the sugar that had disappeared? Instagram Facebook News Letter Contact.

He also studied the relations of his microzymas of chalk to the molecular granulations of animal and vegetable cells, with many more geological examinations, and wrote a paper entitled On Geological Microzymas of Various Origins, which was abstracted in Comptes Rendus of the session of April 25, Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp.

Now, it is known that, like blood, it alters and clots after it is drawn, of itself, as Macquer said in the last century the 18th.

Antoine Béchamp

Antoije of the liquifaction of fecula starch by fibrin and by the fibrinous microzymas. He contended that germs were merely of secondary importance, and never the cause of the various conditions of ill-health with which they were frequently found.

The Secretary of Agriculture says of these so-called ‘tests’ – on the same page: But of the development of these beings, especially of the lactic and alcoholic yeasts, what according to him, was the cause?


He advised Dumas of his discovery of living organisms in chalk in Decemberand later, on September 26,he wrote a letter which Dumas had published. We demonstrated two facts equally essential, viz. Bulletin de I’ac ade mie de medecine, 2d S. However, Pasteur used his prestige as a Government representative to brow-beat others into coming to his support, and he was finally widely recognized, and Bechamp’s claims as to the discoveries on silk worm diseases ignored.

By a long series of exact experiments he demonstrated clearly the specificity of the albuminoid matters and he fractionized into numerous defined species albuminoid matters described theretofore as constituting a single definite compound. The original English edition oftranslated from the French by Dr M. Are not “persons under 15” the school doctor’s best customers for their so-called biologicals? It is also an etymological solecism.

The ancients thought this, Bechamp proved it and was written out of history for his trouble, and now the same thing is being done to those whose work, consciously or otherwise, carries on from where Bechamp’s left off. These observations were concluded on February 3,and his paper was published in the Report of the French Academy of Science for the session of February 19, Macquer inin agreement with the savants, regarded it as certain that vegetable and animal matters, abstracted from living organisms, under certain conditions of the presence of water, of contact, at least momentarily, of the air and of temperature, become altered of themselves, ferment, becoming putrid in producing the ferment.

At least so it is whispered now by veteran microbe hunters who were there and remember those brave times.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

It appears to me that it is chiefly the cellular tissue of all the antoin that is transformed into corpuscles or produces them. The way we were taught of course, was that it was the cell that did that, that the cell was the smallest living thing out of anoine all larger living things were made. Its intention is to encourage and to enlighten everyone on the understanding that food is medicine and can prevent disease and increase health by creating a healthy internal state in the body.

Note the tremendous increase in deaths that accompanied the first general use of serums in !