A text book of refrigerarion and air-conditioning by R S Khurmi. Refrigeration and airconditionin by rs khurmi. Onkar Nath. Engineering. Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning has ratings and 8 reviews. For the students of B.E.;UPSC(Engg. Services); UPSC (Civil Services); Secti. I found a Substitute for A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by R. S. Khurmi. This Substitute has all the Similar Topics Covered. Please get it from.

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In hermetic compressors, a winding thermostat is embedded in the compressor motor windings. P, of system, j Arts. Three stage compression with water intercoolers, 7. Reversible adiabatic or Isentropie process. Assuming i sen tropic compression, find the power required to drive the compressor and C. The heat and work are boundary phenomena. Mar 03, Ganesh added it. The amount of work saved with incomplete intercooling is less than that in case of complete intercooling.

Condensers 10,1 Introduction The sulphur dioxide in its pure state is not corrosive, but when there is moisture present, the mixture forms sulphurous acid which is conosivc to steel. Show the following processes on the skeleton psychrometric chart ; a DehumidiFication of moist air by cooling ; and ft Adiabatic mixing of two air streams. May 15, Muhammad Chaudhary rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (M.E.)

For the sake of convenience, the unit of force adopted refrigeratioj such that textboik produces a unit acceleration to a body of unit mass, F – m condittioning – Mass x Acceleration In S.


The vapour is dry and saturated at the compressor inlet. Steam jet refrigeration system. The work of the cooling turbine is used to drive the cooling fan through reduction gears which draws cooling air from the heat exchanger.

L units in industry and commerce. The air is now expanded isothermally refrigeratjon. The air cooled condensers may have two or more rows of tubing, but the condensers with upto six rows of tubing arc common.

L the ratio of by-passed air to ram air used for cooling purposes ; and 2. Electrical connection diagram of a domestic refrigerator. Since the return air from the conditioned space is mixed with outside air before entry to the cooling coil in the ratio of 4: For example, considers system consisting of a storage battery, as shown in Fig. Refresh and try again. But it is not so, because of ihe inefficiency of the coil. P, of the system. We know that during isentropic compression, no heat is absorbed or rejected by the air.

The coefficient of performance is the reciprocal of the efficiency i f.

The main components of the steam jet refrigeration system, ot shown in Fig. P, of the reversed Camot cycle may be improved by 1. Since c p is always greater than c vtherefore the value of y is always greater than unity.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning by R.S. Khurmi

Fig, 49, Theoretical vapour compression cycle with superheated vapour after compression. Conditining accumulator receives the discharge fa mixture of liquid and vapour refrigerant from the expansion valve and supplies the liquid refrigerant only to the evaporator, as in the case of flash chamber.


All the thermodynamic processes are classified into the following two groups: Now we shall discuss all the above mentioned cycles, one by one, in the following pages. The thermodynamic properties of a system may be divided into the following two general classes: In other words, heat is a path function. At this, the system is finally in the equilibrium state represented by the properties p 2vs and T 2.

Full text of “A Textbook Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning By R. S. Khurmi And J. K Gupta”

A system is said to be in thermal equilibrium, when there is no temperature difference between Lhe parts of the system or between the system and the surroundings.

In addition to this, the passages leading to the suction and discharge valves always contribute to clearance volume.

It has a very refrieration and irritating txiour. The pressure in the cabin is l. They were able to build a reasonably reliable machine by the end of nineteenth century for refrigeration jobs. Since there is a change in its volume, therefore the heat supplied to the gas is utilised to increase the internal energy of the gas and for doing some external work.

Ph ; , bangalore schandg roup. The units with names of scientists should not start with capital letter when written in full.