Inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the AD role-playing game by GDW. We have taken it. AD is a science-fiction role-playing game first published by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in as Traveller: The game in fact had little to. AD is a hard science fiction/cyberpunk role playing game created been a great source of inspiration for some of GDW’s other games).

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GDW 2300 AD – the original SFRPG

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Still, the fighting is far from over. With guts, skill, and luck, you escape and deliver your passenger, and think your mission is over. Mankind has started to spread zd space, and faces its first major competition in the form of the Kafer. The crew of the LaFarge are coming back to human space after a multi-year odyssey on an uncharted world, a world where the evolution of life has been perpetually bound to its exotic Energy Curve.

Although Aurore Sourcebook is intended to be used with Kafer Dawn, the module is not needed to complete the information presented in this sourcebook. Then the humans fell back to Eta Bootis where a defensive gda could be established. The battle was close, but the major population centers held out.

AD – Traveller: – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Then, suddenly, without warning, the Kafers left the system. The space combat system was its own game, with a basic version in the core rules and a greatly-expanded version in the boxed set Star Cruiser. Eventually, like the beanstalk itself, the capsule disappeared against the bright haze of the planet’s atmosphere.


In particular, the Ebers and Kafers represent well-described, highly “alien” forms da intelligence that seem reasonably evolutionary feasible. Earth’s nations have colonies among the stars.

Survival will be difficult, and will probably depend on the cooperation of a native alien race of beings. The station has operated peacefully for years, but since discovering a qd artifact in the ice rings, it has gone oddly silent. A full-color map of the Kafer Sphere is included, extending beyond the boundaries of the original game map. The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a complete listing of the more than 30 new stars not included on the original game map, as well as those already covered.

When the man who had stood back to back with me at 22300 different Speed Demon rumbles had a proposal, I listened. Enjoying good relations with the Civilized Eber nations and with Manchuria which holds the reins of power on the Chinese Armthe enclave may someday divine the deep secrets of the Civilized Ebers.

A lot of fill-in work is required by the referee, but there is much potential here. The game has absolutely no relation to Traveller, except that they were both developed by GDW.

Also printed on the map are the three prinicpal trade routes of human space. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Earthquakes and volcanic activity were constant hazards.

The two rival pilots start a dogfight, and official Mexican aircraft join in. Floor plans are included with this adventure, as are sample characters, so that the AD referee can begin running it almost immediately This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat For example, most personal combat is still conducted with guns firing chemically projected slugs even though energy weapons do exist.


My friend was GMing Twilight: But they had never been fully conquered, and hdw would never cease trying to undermine the Commonwealth’s power.

The Astronomischen-Rechen Institut ARIa foundation pledged to extend the boundaries of human exploration and human knowledge, recognizes this potential and has for years been in preparation for the long voyage to this fabled cache of stars.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. There are the quakes and volcanoes, the inedible ggdw often hostile life forms, and the peculiar orbital mechanics which made half the planet too hot for human habitation.

A.D. – The Great Game

But the fates have something else in store for you. Content is available under Traveller Copyright.

Ships ax usually reach about 3. The Kafer invasion only made things 230 complicated They hoard the decaying knowledge of their ancient forbearers and protect it with semi-religious tradition against the day that their race will use it once again.

Copyright – Far Future Enterprises. Pockets of Kafer ground troops exist on every single human colony world from Beowulf to Aurore. Just a matter of a phone call or two and a couple of low-profile meets.