Doc verified by: kcastill1 hosted: source title: Degree Swashplate Setup Levelling E Book pdf Download source description: High. · visit The swash. The ultimate desige of Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool can fit with 3 adjestable leg, cover 90~ degree swashplate. ‘ CCPM. The goal of this presentation is to assist you during the base setup of a Please consult your helicopter’s instruction manual to determine what swashplate type your helicopter uses i.e. 90, , , or * degree swashplate pictured. then adjust the swashplate links to ensure that the swashplate is level and at the.

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Like you, I really like the Bavarian Demon 3X and it was flying well before, but now that I understand what I’m doing and levellling some of the settings do – it’s flying so much better. Well, your e-book is so methodical, easy to levelliing, and correct that I almost started asking myself WHY had I not persevered with this before Next move the collective stick to the maximum positive collective in a flight mode that will allow greatest positive collective pre-mixing.

Not very helpful – right Your logical approach took the guesswork out of it.

Why should you test CCPM directions against blade pitch, not swash? To simplify swashpltae mechanism, instead of mechanically moving servos which takes a lot of powerall servos were linked directly to the swash plate and the vertical movement was added to the mix. If you want a collective pitch of 12 degrees and a cyclic pitch of 6 degrees, this is a total of 18 degrees. The whole project was a relative snap with your books on hand on my laptop next to the repair bench!


llevelling Friendly personal support should you need it. Finish up by rechecking all interactions to make sure the swash is moving in all directions correctly.

CCPM for Taranis

No refund request here! Cyclic, Collective Pitch Mixing controlling the swash plate movement using only servos and no other mechanical method. Use the Servo page to set PPM center at mid collective so servo horns are 90 degrees to pushrods zero out cyc1, cyc2 and cyc3 temporarily to assist with this.

Payment can be made with any major credit card or through PayPal. I purchased your e-book last week and firstly enjoyed reading it through before starting work.

& Degree Swashplate Setup & Levelling E-Book : Rc helicopter

I don’t know how I missed your e-book on swashplate setup but I purchased it last night. Cover shown for illustrative purposes only – this is an eBook. John, Wanted to let you know what a great help this swashplate setup book of yours has been. Click Here For More Information. Since servo extents have now been set, you can check for cyclic pitch are max, mid an degred collective.

For collective pitch RC helicopters, the direction the helicopter will travel and the amount of lift is governed by a swash plate. I went through my SAB Goblintweaked a few mechanical settings, and experimented with the gains and some other fields. You will first need OpenTX 2. Your excellent writing style and easy to follow format allowed me to follow along with the process from start to finish with no difficulties. First re-mount the servo arm as close as possible to 90 degrees so the PPM center adjustment is as small as possible if required.


As others have said, you are a real credit to our hobby. If for whatever reason you don’t find the information in this eBook helpful and useful; simply contact me within 30 days from the purchase date and request a refund along with the original transaction or order number and a simple dehree of why you’re requesting a refund. Bind the transmitter to the model as setting the following steps needs to be done on the model to ensure correctness.

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Note that passwords are case-sensitive. In the three weeks I have been setting up my heli and reconfiguring the swash etc. Otherwise is supposed to represent the degrees between the aileron servos. The advantage of swash ring is that is can prevent servo binding as long as you only use none or positive expo.

Elevator stick down nose up should twist the leading edge of this swashplage up.

Lets see If you have been paying attention. If you need to limit the results of the CCPM mix, it is done in the Servos tab and is done so evenly. Next, center the collective and test nose up, nose down on the elevator control.